Creative Tiny Apartment Shoe Storage Ideas 14
Creative Tiny Apartment Shoe Storage Ideas 14

43 Creative Tiny Apartment Shoe Storage Ideas

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Many of us do not have the luxury of a large home or apartment, so finding room to store everything can be a huge challenge. If you have a tiny studio apartment or a cramped shared space like a dorm room, you need to make use of every inch. Several tips such as raising your bed and putting shoe storage underneath can improve space efficiency in your place.

One idea is to make as much use out of your walls as possible for storing things. Rather than hanging pictures, invest in some wide, lengthy shelves that are heavy duty enough to support some weight.

If you don’t want your stuff just hanging out on the walls, buy some attractive looking bins or baskets to line the shelves with and place your stuff inside. You could also hang curtains over the shelves to hide anything behind them.

Another way to maximize shoe storage is by purchasing an overdoor shoe organizer. They hang over a door and can fit up to 30 pairs of shoes. If you already have a spot for your shoes, the organizer can work great for other types of things. It’s a perfect way to maximize the space behind a door.

Once you have your shoe storage covered, you should hang racks and hooks wherever you see fit. If you have a few pots and pans, there’s no reason they need to take space in a cabinet or drawer. If you purchase a bookcase, always go for a tall and narrow one.

It’s a good rule of thumb to think high. People who complain about small space storage situations rarely maximize their higher space. It may be a challenge to reach whatever you stow up high, but most people have plenty of stuff they do not utilize on a regular basis.


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